The "Oh, wow!" hits of
the 50's and 60's (and, eh, a few 70's):
The music you forgot that you remember!
Turn off the waffle iron, get the cat out of the way, and start the music.
Then "dance like no one is watching"!
The music you loved on Live 365, now on

Now your favorite tunes from Mom's Kitchen Radio are on 8tracks
(think of it as a big mixtape, or radio you can pause).
Listen to the latest playlist: click away!

Mom's Kitchen Radio--The genius elevator from momskitchenradio on 8tracks Radio.

That's the 160th (Boy Howdy!) MKR playlist on 8tracks! All for your listening pleasure.
To hear them all, and for a bit more information about what you're hearing,

Screen shot 2016-03-13 at 10.11.08 AM
So easy, so good. So, enjoy!

A field guide to the New MKR

There are now
four kinds of playlists at the link:

1. "Kitchen tested"--4 hours long, the tunes you loved on Live 365. (Always with food photos: we're "
Kitchen Radio," after all.)

2. The "elevators"--an hour each, easy listening with style, perfect background for studying, for relaxing, for.... (Hey, it's 5:00 somewhere!)
Here they all are, in one "collection":

3. Theme-based lists--various lengths, featuring selected songwriters, artists, concepts. (Mothers Day, for example, or songs about New York City.)

4. "Light lunch specials"--2+ hours long, heavier on instrumentals, featuring our favorite tracks.

More notes: Many—probably most— of the songs we play on "Kitchen Tested" were hits (i.e., charted in Billboard Magazine) in the 50’s and 60’s and early 70's. But the main goal is to play what a typical middle-of-the-road station was playing during those two decades.

  • Thus, occasionally 40’s material creeps onto our playlist because stations were still playing some of that.
  • Similarly, there were songs that never made the charts that nevertheless got airtime—because middle-of-the-road stations were not as tied to the charts as the rock and rollers. We’re going with our memory on those.
  • We have a weakness for tunes from The Great American Songbook. Hits or not, they're part of our heritage.
  • Once in a while we've even added something from the 80's. But we felt really guilty about it.

Give us a shout:; we'd be happy to
answer questions about the new format.
It's not exactly "radio," but in some ways it's better.

x *Attributed to Satchel Paige (full quotation: "Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.")